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A face to the name

Okay, three faces...

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Rianna Dearden

From the Shepperton banks of the Thames, Rianna knows a lot about steam boats and always wanted to be an architect. Now, she is a fearless actor, producer, writer and graphic designer. She is yet to build a house, but does know how to throw a rope. Incidentally, Rianna is the only member of Lost Watch who understands basic spelling and grammar.

Agnes Wild

Based in deepest darkest Iceland, where less than 100 years ago people lived in caves. She doesn’t live in a cave, but braved the volcanoes and glaciers to bring her heathen ways to England. An inspired director, actor, writer and tech designer, Agnes is also a champion drag artist and published Poet.

Olivia Hirst

From Pontefract, West Yorkshire, Olivia understands the basic functions of coal fired power stations and is a writer and actor. Olivia, like all good Northerners, has managed to get herself into a few scrapes, which all come in handy in terms of inspiration for theatrical work.