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Knitwear sales are down.


Manufacturer Admiral need to find a new product or it’s all over.


Riding high on post-66 World Cup fever, they decide sportswear is the winning investment.


After striking a deal to design the away kit for Don Revie’s ruthless champions, Leeds United, things are on the up. All they need now is a designer.


Lindsay has just graduated art school. She has no idea who Don Revie is, but she knows a lot about collars, sashes and chevrons. Fashion in football is about to be born.


Lost Watch Theatre unravel the farcical true story of the nun’s underwear company that stumbled into a billion-pound industry.



Shorts and Socks Included will be available for national and International touring from Summer 2020. To see our tour pack, or enquire about the show, please contact [email protected]







Tue 31 Mar - Sat 2 May

New Diorama Theatre


Tue - Sat @ 19:30

Sat afternoon @ 15:00



Running time: TBA


£16 (Full)

£3 (JSA Preview Tickets)


£3 Job Seekers Allowance tickets are only available during Previews (31 Mar, 1, 2 Apr).

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