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I’m 26.

Three women in my family have a cancer-causing genetic mutation. *


One of them is old, one of them is me and the other is dead.


In four years time, I have some options. **


Basically this is a play written about my relatives without their permission.


They won’t mind. ***



** Involves a scalpel.

*** I hope.





A biomedical tale of personal misfortune


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Written by: Olivia Hirst

Directed by: Lucy Wray

Produced by: Rianna Dearden

Created by: Lost Watch

Music by: Rianna Dearden

Additional Composing by:

Sigrún Hardardóttir




Olivia Hirst

Rianna Dearden

Illona Linthwaite




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Goodstock_1 LoRes

"Lost Watch’s latest show could be maudlin, but isn’t. It feels honest, funny and true... This is a show that speaks across the generations, resurrects the dead, ponders the unlucky lottery of life, and reminds one that what is known can never again be unknown."

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

The making of Goodstock has been supported by:

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