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Iceland, 1940. The British are coming.


With 2,500 troops arriving in Reykjavik, the women of Iceland certainly have something to focus on. KATE is the story of one Icelandic family following the outbreak of war, with their wayward daughter Selma and helpful lodger, Kate. A lively reflection on the shared and lost history between Britain and Iceland, with live music and galeforce winds.




Written by Agnes Þorkelsdóttir Wild

Produced by Rianna Dearden

Created by Lost Watch




KATE web


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Images courtesy of Thomas Alexander Photography.

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Kate: Rianna Dearden

Selma: Olivia Hirst

Julia: Anna Nicholson

David/Benni: Chris Woodley

Rob/Bill: Alex Dowding


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THE MAKING OF:  the poster image

Want to see how Kate got her windswept locks?

KATE: The Trailer

37 seconds of gale force.

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